Residential water softener - KS AQUA CLEANSER is an environmentally friendly water softener designed to enhance our modern lifestyle. The main intention behind this design is to replace conventional water treatment methods dealing with limescale related problems in residential plumbing systems and appliances. Using, hard water for diurnal activities affects our health and hygiene. KS Aqua Cleanser reduces harmful bacteria and biofilm while preserving the required minerals in water. Our technology has been successfully developed for treating the hard water scaling often without resorting to chemicals or expensive water softening equipment. This process is so effective that existing scales are progressively broken down and flushed away in due course of time. Our goal is to eradicate limescale buildup and provide a well-treated soft water for everyday use.


Less time and effort spent on repairs and maintenance on your
home appliances such as washing machines, water heaters etc
Savings due to more efficient use of energy for heating water.
Reduction of scale deposits through the whole piping system.
Gardening systems and sprinklers stay clean and lasts longer.
Improved performance of restaurant and kitchen equipment..
Alleviate hair and skin problems caused by hard water..............
More reliable water supply within sanitary facilities...................
swimming pool operations are improved........................................
Less time and effort spent on cleaning..........................................
"HARD" water contains calcium and magnesium and often other minerals and salts and HARD Water is a Serious Problem! HARD Water is also a very common problem...water in 85% of the India is so hard that it should be conditioned to be of maximum usefulness.

The term "Hardness" originally applied to water that was hard to wash clothes in because it prevents soap from lathering by causing insoluble soap curd and detergent deposits. The soap curd dulls colours and gives a grey or yellow cast to white fabrics. It also clings to fabric fibres, which makes threads brittle and shortens the life of the material. Sometimes people confuse "hardness" with Iron water, but Hardness and Iron are completely different problems that require completely different treatment methods.

Hard Water Scale is caused by mineral deposit build-up and is a serious problem because it puts many water-using appliances out of service! It clogs pipes, faucets, boilers, dishwashers, clothes washers and hot water heaters, which always makes them less efficient and sometimes destroys them.

"Hardness" is usually expressed in Grains Per Gallon or PPM or mg/L as calcium carbonate equivalent. The Degrees of HARDNESS established by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (S-339) & the Water Quality Association (WQA) are:

DEGREE Grains Per Gallon OR PPM OR mg/L
soft = Less than 1.0 Less than 17.1
Slightly Hard = 1.0 to 3.5 17.1 to 60
Mod. Hard = 3.5 to 7.0 60 to 120
Hard = 7.0 to 10.5 120 to 180
Very Hard = 10.5 and above 180 and above


KS Aqua Cleanser is a proprietary technology which reduces bacteria without using any chemicals and provides an alternative for complete Elimination of scale formation deposits in water pipes. Red rust (Iron Oxide) in water pipes is a major problem and KS Aqua Cleanser helps resolve red rust blockages without additional cost. Moreover, the level of dissolved oxygen concentration increases which kills harmful anaerobic bacteria. The output water will have the freshness and softness that everyone can enjoy and this product does not require any consumables, chemicals to treat water. KS Aqua Cleanser is formulated to act almost instantly on a high volume of water that run by it. It will change the molecular structure of the water without chemicals. It will reduce the cluster size of the water molecule. This small clustered water will then react chemically with the calcite (scale) and slowly removing them from the wall, pipe or any surface in touch with water in the device. At blow down, discharge, or filtration, the dissolved and suspended solids are removed from device. Through repetition of this process, the scale will slowly be removed from the device system, as well as prevent future formation of such scale in the device system.
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