Industrial water pipelines, storage tanks and cooling tower internal walls contain silica, calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide ... and other inorganic matters that easily generate scale, causing pipeline pressure to drop and lock. It also lowers cooling tower heat exchange efficiency, increase energy consumption, promotes breeding of Legionella which is harmful to human. Therefore, water quality activation, anti-scaling and disinfection are most important parts of water treatment. KS AQUA CLEANSER had been tested in many different environments and proven to have significant fast effect to immediately solve all your water quality problems.

The catalyst of the device is wave activated and is stimulated to form electron pairs which will cause the dissociation of nearby molecules (H2O, O2) to form positive and negative ions or free radicals (OH-, OH*…).With hydroxyl radicals (nascent oxygen) as the oxidant of the oxidation process, the oxidation and decomposition strength is even stronger than that of O2, O3, H2O2, CL2, for water treatment, stronger adsorption strength than activated carbon and have the disinfection ability that activated carbon don’t have.

The overall equipment, through the above materials and design principles, can make the water completely activated, and achieve above functions on water disinfection, elimination and prevention of biological slime, scale prevention and other water quality application purposes.


Industrial water quality activation and anti-scaling
Cooling towers wall scaling, bacterial growth, and biological slime prevention and elimination.
Comprehensive water quality improvement and activation process
Liquid fuel modification and activation
Reservoir and breeding farm water quality improvement
Improvement of livestock drinking water, change of agricultural water quality to high mineral activated water to avoid water damage.
hot water quality activation and suppression or prevention of lime scale for smooth pipeline


High economic efficiency, processing water volume is not limited.
Simple device, completely lightweight, compact body and simple installation.
Easy to maintain, does not consume electricity, no water blockage, online maintenance, completes immediately.
Since lime scale problem depends on the minerals contained in water, changing the lime scale form so that minerals precipitate in water rather than in heat exchange surface will completely solve the problem of scale.
Water is a natural solvent, if coupling polarity and the ability to dissolve water-soluble salts are enhanced, this device can improve mineral concentration ratio in order to remain in suspension.
Water treatment is most difficult for steam boilers and cooling towers. KS Aqua Cleanser device stop the minerals to float in suspension, making large particle precipitation.
KS Aqua Cleanser device is able to reduce the angle between the water molecules, increasing coupling polarity to prevent new scale and cause old scale to peel off.
KS Aqua Cleanser device KS Aqua Cleanser operating system used in steam boilers and cooling towers, has long-term, stable effect.


Did you know that a mere 3.1mm of hard scale can increase your ENERGY consumption by as much as 25%? The more scale accumulated in the boiler, the more energy (money) is wasted.

The presence of scale is equivalent to having a thin film of insulation across the path of heat transfer from the furnace gases to the boiler water. This heat-insulating material retards heat transfer and causes a loss in boiler efficiency.
Scale Thickness Increased Energy Consumption
0.7mm 8.5%
1.5 mm 12.4%
3.1 mm 25.0%
12.7 mm 40.0%


Boilers, cooling towers, condensers and all kinds of heat exchanger or water system such as pool and spa use water for steam generation or as heat exchange medium. SCALE- FREE Energy-saving and Anti-scaling device is a preferred technology due to its powerful de scaling effect. As long as the KS AQUA CLEANSER is installed into the water mains pipeline of the heat exchange equipment, it is able to remove and prevent scale formation. KS AQUA CLEANSER energy saving device produces a powerful energy field that creates a disturbance on the suspended charged particles in water flowing through the pipes (such as calcium ion, magnesium ion, silica, etc.), so that these particles, with silicon dioxide as core, will absorb calcium ion, magnesium ion or ferric oxide particles (Fe2O3) continuously, and form non-crystalline (aragonite) crystals that will precipitate and eventually discharged with water through blow down.

After using device for 238 days. Hard scale turns to soft sludge

Most of calcium or magnesium ions in water will form into amorphous sludge and cannot form calcite crystals with negatively charged ions, such as carbonate ion (CO) or sulfate (SO) on the surface of pipes.

The water treated by KS Aqua Cleanser- can be maintained at higher conductivity value. That means, allowing higher concentration of dissolved ions floating in suspension, without the formation of hard scale on the surface of equipment or piping. It can reduce boiler blow down and save on energy cost.


Energy activated water
Small water cluster
Low surface tension
High solubility
High permeability
Weak Alkaline
How will KS AQUA CLEANSER help you save money?
By eliminating and preventing the build up of heat wasting scale.
By eliminating the need for costly chemicals
By eliminating the need for treating the resultant pollutants
By reducing blow down
By reducing downtime and maintenance costs
By protecting your investment in capital equipment


Boilers, cooling systems and other equipment consuming a lot of water generate hard scale which reduces equipment heat exchange efficiency. The most common solution is to apply chemicals and do acid cleaning, but chemical treatment is unable to solve the problem. For example, adding alkali to control PH value, or adding organic phosphorus compound or organic dispersing agent, are only effective against specific ions. When the composition of ions in water change, PH changes, foreign substances added, or the concentration of ions in water reach a certain limit, all these can make the use of chemicals useless or ineffective. When large numbers of suspended ions in the water inside the boiler or cooling system get deposited on pipes, they form a heat-insulating layer that reduces heat exchange efficiency and wastes a lot of energy. From environmental protection point of view, scale prevention method using chemicals cause damage to the environment due to the wastewater discharged on river and ocean, the future impacts of which are hard to assess.

Therefore, application of KS AQUA CLEANSER is absolutely the most effective and beneficial way.
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