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Minerals in water create problems when they collect, compact and form scale. The entrapped gaseous ions cause corrosion, algae etc.

The customer friendly water enhancing system offers an entirely new dimension in the water treatment technology. This high-tech technique neutralizes the bonding ability of the minerals that are contained in water. This will effectively break down large mineral crystals into tiny particles and prevent them from reacting with other minerals or bonding to any surface to form scale. The process is so effective that existing scales are progressively broken down and flushed away in due course of time. The particle size of the ionized flow is below that required for most fungal and algae formation and these tend to be eliminated along with the lime scale. The gaseous ions in the water are also conditioned. This results in better tasting, non-corrosive water. It also helps the plants to grow well & healthy. It is low cost, maintenance free and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional expensive softening systems.

Models available according to pipeline diameter and flow of the water.

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